Testimonials from Parents

“Elizabeth had a blast at camp this summer and her math confidence is at an all time high! She clearly connected with math facts at a whole new level and is sharing with pride her new-found knowledge and competence (whereas confusion, self-doubt, and tension had characterized our conversations about math before). We appreciate the East Bay Kidz Math Camp team so much!  You all connect with our kids at so many levels, making the learning a fun and positive experience every day. Thank you!”

— Amy (mother of three-year returning camper) from Oakland

I just realized I hadn’t thanked you yet for the wonderful time Lily had at camp this summer.  Lily started the school year feeling confident about math. Thank you all for helping her build her skills and understanding, all while having fun!

— Sandra from Berkeley

“I am so impressed with my daughter’s skills and pride and ownership of this material. She knows what she learned and loves to play the games, and she is proud of her work. Clearly, you all know how to make this work make sense and allow the kids to find a way to integrate the material. Bravo to you and your team. I only wish more kids (and parents) could experience math this way. Many many thanks!”

— Angie from Palo Alto

“My daughter attended two private sessions with Michael before beginning Math Camp. Her first day she bounced out of her session beaming with confidence. This enthusiasm for math continued into camp. She told me, ‘I can’t believe I am saying this but I LOVE math.’ On the second to last day of camp she asked if she could do it again next year. As a parent, it exceeded my expectations in skill development and increasing my daughter’s confidence is learning math. Thank you!!”

— Michele from Berkeley

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the math experience this summer. Mia seems to be having fun settling into her new school, and it’s nice to see her exploring a new change. I raved about Mia’s camp experience to the Assistant Head of School and Admissions Director a few weeks ago, and also mentioned it to the learning specialist and math teacher today in our team meeting. Thanks again for making the space for kids to view themselves differently and in a positive light!”

—Rachel from Oakland

RIGHT AFTER CAMP:  Today is the first day of school for OUSD, and I’m happy to say that Harper is feeling pretty good about it.  He enjoyed his time with David Freedman these past few weeks, even going so far as to say that “David made learning fun” – which is fantastic.

TWO MONTHS LATER:  I wanted to share that I had a recent Parent-Teacher conference for Harper, and his teacher reports that he is now testing as “proficient for the grade.”  That’s pretty remarkable.  Of course, it doesn’t mean that he’s mastered math, but it means that he’s working through the process.  He’s no longer paralyzed when confronted with something he doesn’t understand.  He’s gained confidence that allows him to be okay working at his own pace, in his own way, to find his answers.  I credit David Freedman for that.  Harper said at one point, “ I think I’d enjoy math if I got it” – and low and behold; he’s getting it.  He’s enjoying it.

—Cynthia from Oakland

Thanks for a fabulous camp!  Jaden loved it, which is not at all what we expected.

—Sonya from Oakland

Isabella enjoyed the camp and learned a lot! It’s a wonderful thing that you do for the kids, and I am grateful.

—Laura from San Francisco

“Sofia had a very positive and enjoyable experience at math camp, which was wonderful to see since she was pretty darn upset with me for signing her up!”

— Kim from Oakland

“At the beginning of the summer, Danica was dreading math camp. She has had fun everyday of camp and looked forward to going!”

— Sheri from Pleasanton

Testimonials from Students

“Math camp was so fun — I want to go again next year. I’m going into 6th grade and it really helped me find easier and new ways to divide and multiply. I learned a lot. I feel more confident about going into middle school math. Thanks Michael.”

“Why do I hate math? — Timed tests!”

“Why do I love about math? — Math Camp!”

“Snack Award: Dear Tracy, Thank you for bringing treats and snacks, and always making sure that I always had something that I could eat. Most people would just accept that I had special snacks and just ignore me snack wise but you made sure I had what I needed.” (camper with allergies)